Struggling to successfully scale your brand?
It's Not Your Fault
With the ever-changing world of digital marketing it is difficult to know where to start let alone what to do after…
Here at SVG Team Headquarters we have been hustling for years dialing in our marketing efforts in order to take our offers from
Zero to 7 and 8 Figures
SVG Academy
Here's A Preview Of What You Will Learn In The SVG Academy
  •  You will dive right into the SVG Academy teaching you every lesson about digital marketing, ecommerce, and social media
  •  Tap into the SVG resources! Get 1 on 1 assistance from SVG team members to solve any problem or optimize your offer! 
  •  Watch exclusive training from some of the biggest names in the space! We have LIVE training with famous guests such as - Drew Manning, Kent Clothier, David Schloss, Justin Colby, Brad Costanzo, Greg Rollett, Joe Troyer...
Modules for Novice to Expert
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Session 01: Strategy - Vision - Growth
  •  Mindset: You need to get your mind in the right place physically and mentally. Not all people can handle a 7-8 figure business so it's better to have your strategy in place today so you can run your business and your business doesn't run you.
  •  Mission and Vision: If your goal is to simply "make more money" we can certainly assist you but without a company mission and a long term vision your success will be short lived. We're in the business of creating wealth, not just quick cash, and from the very beginning we'll help you align the big picture for a lifetime of success. 
  •  Goal Setting: The biggest achievements are a culmination of smaller goals being met. This is where we will map out your end goal and fill in all the blanks in the middle. You don't go from doing $3,000 a month to $100,000 a month from just spending more on ads or making "fun" posts on social media. There are many working parts in the system and we'll help you get those implemented. 
build an offer
Session 02: Building An Offer and Pricing Principles
  •  Are you charging enough? Are you charging too much? Chasing those customers who would only buy if you offered x feature? You probably already have everything you need but nothing to compare your offer and pricing to determine profitable levels. We'll get you ready to launch with confidence.
  •  Whether you have an idea or you don't we can help.  We will build your offer from the ground up or assist in scaling your offer(s) to maximize profits.
  •  We'll show you how to analyze the market and determine the best prices for your offer. Depending on how much credibility you or your company maintains can reflect the amount you charge. Let's leverage establish some leverage for your product
Session 03: Social Media 101
  •  We have worked with dozens of successful people who don't even know what a hashtag is! Not everyone is a social media whiz and we get that. So learning the basics is an essential step to really grow a brand. 
  •  Following online tutorials is easier if you know what is being talked about. Use your SVG Social Media Guide to help you decipher this strange language. 
  •  At this level you can build a small organic following by simply knowing what buttons to press and words to convey
Session 04: Facebook Ads Mastery
  •  Utilzing Facebook's massive audience and Direct Response Marketing to rapidly scale your business
  •  Learn how we design our ads with step by step Ad Creative & Copy tutorials
  •  Dive into the art of creating ads that convert consistently
Session 05: Instagram Ads Mastery
  •  Finding new Prospects and converting them to Customers with Instagram
  •  Utilizing SwipeUp Story Ads for amazing returns
  •  Learn what works best on Instagram and how to create it for yourselfIf nothing
Session 05: Google Ads Mastery
  •  Create, Develop and Optimize Your Own Google AdWords Campaigns
  •  Increase Quality Traffic and Boost Sales to Your Website
  •  Market Your Brand To The More Than 6 Billion Daily Searches On Google
Session 06: YouTube Ads Mastery
  •  How to create professional-looking, high-converting ads...even if you’re terrible on video
  •  You'll learn how to map out your YouTube campaigns inside of Adwords, and how to construct your targeting plan, starting with the super-niche and progressing to fully scaled
  •  Discover exactly how you should “trim the fat” from your campaigns so you can scale up while maintaining your ROI
Session 07: Analytics + Tracking
  •  Make better decisions for your business with real data. It's hard to know which products to push or what traffic sources perform the best for you without analytics
  •  Learn the key points on how to properly set up both Google Analyics & Google Tag Manager so that your website's tracking is air tight
  •  Never lose a single customer using this easy step-by-step tracking set up walkthrough
Session 08: Email Campaign Strategy
  •  Learn to create a content calendar to always stay on top of your mailings and offers to correlate with your social team
  •  Implements the same strategy we used to generate $110,000 in 4 months
  •  Know what to say and when to say it to get the best response from your lists
Session 09: Email Automation 101
  •  Learn to implement an immediate upsell flow, abandoned cart sequences (if needed) and content flow
  •  Learning to create, test and optimize  flows to maximize backend revenue AUTOMATICALLY!
  •  Learning and understanding why you should audit your list and create automations that aid in cleaning your list and keeping it fresh
Session 10: Shopify Setup
  •  You'll need a store to process and manage your products so we'll show you the best methods to get your store up and running in 24 hours
  •  You'll receive some of the best shopify store templates that require little setup
  •  We will show the best tips and tricks for any small or big company that can double your sales overnight!
Session 11: Shopify Advanced
  •  Manage a team effectively by utilizing ALL features in shopify
  •  Refine your stores automated processes so you offers the best user experience
  •  Learn how to customize store layouts and build bundle to increase AOV
Session 12: Intro to SMS Marketing
  •  Whats the first thing people do when they wake up? Besides use the restroom ;) ? They check their phone and thats exactly where you want to reach them with an effective message.
  •  We'll show you the basics on how to collect phone numbers and utilize that data without spamming their inboxes.
  •  Learn from our case study where we generate over $7.5k in 6 days from automated sms marketing
Session 13: Intro to Messenger Marketing
  •  Create customizable messages that generate automatically when users begin a conversation
  •  Increase the value of your company on Facebooks by reducing customer response time and solving customer problems through automation
  •  Increase conversions with messenger campaigns and new user sign up automations
Session 14: Videography Basics
  •  What type of equipment you should use and how to capture your message
  •  Understanding how to use your camera and equipment
  •  What type of video content works best on different platforms
Session 15: Page Variations - Advertorials, Blogs, & Squeeze Pages
  •  You need to provide content when you are building your brand - You won't always push a sale and ask for information
  •  Providing free content is a great way to raise brand loyalty and give back a little to your customers
  •  You'll learn how to effectively write articles to capture the attention of old and new customers
Session 16: Fundamentals of Video & Image Editing 
  •  Assembling clips, Music and Text to create a great looking video
  •  Adding effects to enhance the look and feel of your videos
  •  Determine what video formats work best on each platform
Session 17: Intro to Funnels & Pages
  •  Dive into navigation of the clickfunnels software for fast results
  •  Learn the basic skills necessary to build out your first funnels
  •  Start generating traffic and get your business moving today
Session 20: Intro To Funnel Strategy
  •  Before you start it is important to strategize on what pages you need and why you need them and if you need any pages in the first place
  •  Learn about the strategy behind such pages as Upsells and Downsells and how they can dramatically impact the revenue your business makes
Session 21: Lead Page Creation
  •  The first step to conversions for new and upcoming businesses is generating leads by capturing users names and emails to segment these users as potential buyers
  •  Establish effective messaging and a unique offer in exchange for building your lead lists
  •  Format is important on desktop and mobile; we'll help you create the best user experience to generate the hottest leads
Session 22: Sales Funnel Creation
  •  After you have segmented your leads you'll want to send them to your sales page to pitch your offer or product
  •  Using one of our templates or a design idea of your own you'll be able to create a sales funnel with an offer that your leads won't be able to turn down
  •  Formatting is a trend with funnels BUT thats because it is extremely important! We'll make sure your sales page delivers the most effective language and conveys
Also Included With The SVG Academy!
SVG Academy
Instant Access To The SVG Online Academy 
A Step By Step Course For Digital Marketing and E-commerce. Learn the strategies behind multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. Build flawless sales funnels to produce MAX return. Create Predictable Growth & Scaleable Profits with Facebook, Google, or even YouTube Advertising. We Provide You with Actionable Tools & Strategies that Moves Your Audience to Innovate, Profit from Technological Change, Disrupt Industry Incumbents and Transform your Businesses with Proven Rapid Growth Strategies. We have over 30 hours of course material and add more content weekly!
SVG Academy
Private Community
Savages Private Facebook Ad Group
Have the ability to mingle with over 1000 digital marketers from all over the world to discuss and assist each other on projects. You'll have all questions answered within minutes from the diverse and knowledgable SVG Nation
SVG Academy
Group Coaching With Team Members
Learn from the people doing the job everyday. No tutorials or Youtube videos here! Have an expert assist you with any problems your business is experiencing. Strategize and optimize with access to the SVG team. All group coaching calls will be reposted to the Academy. 
SVG Academy
Client Sales Scripts
Learn how to leverage your knowledge and abilities so every potential client turns into a lifetime customer. Knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say the right thing is crucial if you want to grow. You don't want to sell yourself short but you also don't want to be a SCAM. 
Page Templates
Page Templates
Instantly download our best performing sales funnels. These pages have been tested and have generated over $20 Million in revenue across multiple brands. Easily increase conversion rates by implementing our funnel strategy.
Ad templates
Ad Templates & Copy Guide - Facebook, YouTube, Google
Download our best performing ad templates with tips and tricks to customize your creatives to your own business. What you say in ads is just as important which is why we're including our best copy practices. Get your ads improved and increase engagement with the SVG Copy Guide.
You could spend thousands of your hard-earned dollars going to masterminds and large events where you write down vague nots of what you need to do next ultimately to ….
Never Get It Done!
We provide you with the exact steps, the exact tools, and the exacts guides that we use and you NEED in order to actually make a difference in your business for only $100.00
1) Is This Courser For Beginners?
a. The nice thing about the SVG Academy is we have introductory modules to get you started with the basics of every topic we cover. However, if you already know the basics we have current modules that we are actively using in our brands to scale and grow.
2) What if I already know how to run FB ads?
a. Our Academy yes covers FB ads but also, Google ads, YouTube ads, Shopify stores, email marketing, funnels, video content and much more.
3) Does this only apply to fitness influencers?
a. Although we have seen phenomenal success in the fitness industry we have also worked directly with entrepreneurs and professionals in the following industries: Real Estate, digital marketing, supplements, and e-commerce.
4) What if I don’t see results?
a. Well, if you don’t see results in your business it’s probably due to the fact that you didn’t really put in the work, but … if you did and you took advantage of the membership platform yet you still saw no improvement, we will refund your last payment in full!!
Certified Savages
Here are some of the members who are already experiencing serious growth!
Kent Clothier - REWW
Kent Clothier
CEO of Real Estate World Wide
Drew Manning - Fit2Fat2Fit
Drew Manning
Creator of Fit2Fat2Fit
Calum Von Moger - Staunch
Calum Von Moger
Mr Universe Champion & Fitness YouTube Influencer & Face of
Justin Colby - Science of Flipping
Justin Colby 
CEO of The Science of Flipping
Logan Delgado - Goody Beats
Logan Delgado
Creator of Goody Beats
Ashley Randall - Ashely Randall Fit
Ashley Randall
Creator of Ashely Randall Fit
Connor Murphy - Adonyx
Connor Murphy
Fitness YouTube Influencer & Creator of Adonyx Clothing 
Dom Mazzetti -
Mike "Dom Mazzetti" Tornabene
Fitness YouTube Influencer & Creator of the Dom Mazzetti Brand
Hannah Cooper - Girl Brand
Hannah Cooper
CEO of Girl Brand & Social Media Strategist
Larry Wheels - PR
Larry Wheels
Fitness YouTube Influencer & Creator of
Brandon Carter - Bro Labs
Brandon Carter
CEO of Bro Laboratories & Business Development Speaker
Bradley Martyn - Origin Supps
Joe Troyer
CEO of Web1 Syndication & SEO Expert
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  •    Full Money Back Guarantee - You won't be disappointed
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